Common Signs it is Time for General Auto Repair

Common Signs it is Time for General Auto RepairWhen it comes to automobile ownership it is important that you keep up with scheduled maintenance in order to best fend off auto issues. However, aside from keeping up with routine maintenance it is important to pay attention to possible signs of issues, so that you can get to the repair shop to prevent breakdowns or safety troubles. If you notice any of these types of problems don't hesitate to visit your local auto repair shop for proper diagnostics and service.


There are many types of noises that your car can make if it is suffering from trouble. Some of the more common noises include grinding brakes if brake pads are worn low, a whining noise if the transmission is low on fluid or a knocking noise coming from under the hood if the engine bearings are wearing out.


There are numerous smells that can come about due to car trouble. A worn out clutch will produce a burning smell while shifting, a sweet smell can indicate a coolant leak and a dirty clothes smell could indicate that there is mold in the AC or heater vents.

Fluid Leaks

Your vehicle uses a number of specialized fluids to operate its systems. If any of these begin to leak it is important to have them fixed ASAP to prevent trouble. Common leaks include oil leaks, coolant leaks, brake fluid leaks, power steering leaks, transmission fluid leaks and differential leaks.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

Your vehicle has a dashboard warning system to let you know about problems in different systems. These lights include the check engine light, engine temperature light, alternator light, battery light, ABS brake light, oil pressure light and numerous others.

Performance Issues

If you notice that your car is not performing as well as it normally does then you should get to a repair shop right away. Many performance problems are related to small issues that can be fixed quickly and affordably. The longer you wait, however, the worse it will get. Don't hesitate to contact your local auto shop for further diagnostics.

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