5 Repairs You Should Never Put Off

5 Repairs You Should Never Put OffIf you drive a car it is up to you to keep it in a safe and reliable condition. When issues arise it0 is easy to say you'll take care of it later, but in reality, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. There are some car issues that are much more pressing than others however. Should you encounter any of the following issues be sure to visit your local auto repair shop to have your car serviced immediately.

Squealing Brake Repair

The brake system is your vehicle's most important safety feature. If you encounter a grinding noise when you hit the brakes it's necessary to visit the auto shop as soon as possible. This is a clear indicator that your vehicle is has low brake pads, which can hinder your car's stoppy ability.

Oil Leak Repair

Nearly every car will develop an oil leak at some point, but they should never be ignored. Low oil levels in the engine can result in increased friction that causes harsh wear and tear inside the motor. Leaking oil will generally appear as a dark brown or black on the driveway but if wet will appear as a rainbow sheen.

Exhaust Leak Repair

Exhaust leaks aren't just bad for your car but they're bad for your own health if the exhaust makes its way into the passenger cabin. If you experience a large decrease in fuel efficiency, notice a vibrating gas pedal or the engine seems to have increased in volume, your car likely has an exhaust leak.

Bouncy Suspension Repair

The suspension plays an integral role in the comfort and safety of your vehicle. If you notice that your vehicle's ride seems to be bouncing up and down excessively it is probably time for suspension repair. Healthy suspension is necessary for proper control, correct tire wear and a comfortable ride.

Grinding Transmission Repair

A grinding sound that occurs as your vehicle shifts gears, be it automatic or a manual, is indicative of low transmission fluid. Should you hear this sound and notice a red liquid dripping from your car than you definitely have a transmission fluid leak.

When you encounter car trouble it is important to have it checked out right away, or else the issue will get worse. To schedule superior auto repair in Kingman, AZ, visit the team at Aaction Automotive Center. We use the latest technology to quickly pinpoint issues and perform auto repairs to get you back on the road fast! Give us a call at (928) 212-3510 to schedule quality auto repair in Kingman or the surrounding area today!

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