4 Signs of Suspension Trouble

4 Signs of Suspension TroubleModern vehicles are very complex machines, featuring the latest electronics, bluetooth technology, braking assistance and many more incredible features. But one of the oldest vehicle systems that has been helping to provide safe, comfortable rides since close to the advent of the auto is the suspension. A healthy suspension system doesn't just provide a comfortable ride, it also ensures your vehicle doesn't roll over while cornering and keeps all four wheels on the ground for better braking and maneuvering. To keep your ride safe be on the lookout for these signs you need suspension repair.

One Corner of the Car is Lower

If one corner of your vehicle seems lower, either visually or just as you drive, but the tire is properly inflated it is most likely because of failing suspension parts. This may cause control issues, such as making your vehicle drift to one side as you go, so this issue should be corrected right away.

Oily Struts

If you think you're having suspension issues take a peek at your struts and shocks to see if they have grease or oil on them. These parts use a specialized fluid and if it leaks out the suspension will not able to perform its job of keeping all four wheels constantly on the ground and providing you with a comfortable ride.

Rolling Sensation

If you ever feel a rolling sensation as you go around a corner it means your suspension or the anti-sway bar is not doing it's job. You should always feel like you're in complete control of our car every time you get behind the wheel, and old suspension that can't properly perform will make it seem as if you may roll or spin out around corners.

Bounce Test

A quick test you can perform to see if your suspension is working well is to push on the hood or the trunk and watch the vehicle's reaction. It should bounce up and down 2-3 times before returning to normal ride height. If the vehicle continues to bounce you likely have worn out suspension parts that will need replacement.

Suspension issues should not be taken lightly and need to be repaired right away in order to keep you and your passengers safe. If you need suspension repair in Kingman, AZ give us a call at (928) 212-3510 today!

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