Bouncy Ride? 4 Symptoms of Failing Suspension

Bouncy Ride? 4 Symptoms of Failing SuspensionWe all enjoy a comfortable ride and we can thank our vehicle's suspension system for that. The suspension is responsible for absorbing the shock of bumps, cracks and holes in the road, but it also performs a bigger function. Suspension plays a huge role in being able to safely control a car or truck. This is because healthy suspension is designed to keep all four wheels on the ground, regardless of the terrain you're traveling over, as well as prevent the car from rolling over or going out of control during cornering. If your car is suffering from any of these issues related to suspension failure you'll want to call up your local auto repair mechanic to get the problem taken care of right away.

Oily Struts

Struts are filled with a special oil that helps them absorb the flaws in the roadway in order to increase ride comfort. If this fluid is leaking the struts will quickly become slick with the oil. If you begin to lose ride comfort run your hand over the struts and see if you can feel any oily substance. If you can then there's a good chance you'll need to have the struts replaced to restore ride comfort and safety.

One Corner Appears Low

If you find yourself looking at your car, thinking something doesn't quite look right and come to the conclusion that one corner of the car is resting lower than the rest your first thought will probably be flat tire. If your tire is in fact full then you're probably facing some sort of suspension failure. If the shocks or springs lose their ability to expand the car will sit lower in the corner where the tires suspension resides. This issue can cause cars to drift and tires to wear improperly so you'll want to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Roller Coaster Feeling

Do you get a rolling or spinning sensation in your stomach as you go around corners? If so the anti-sway bar may be in need of repair or replacement. This crucial suspension component helps to shift the vehicle's center of gravity as you corner, preventing the car from rolling over or spinning out of control.

Excessive Bouncing

If you think your suspension is on its way out you can test it by pushing on the hood or trunk of your car several times and watching the way the vehicle reacts. If the suspension is in good shape the car will bounce about 3 or 4 times and then return to normal ride height. Any more than that and you'll likely want to invest in some new shocks!

Suspension is integral to ride comfort and safety so be sure to have any issues resolved as soon as they become apparent. For superior suspension repair in Kingman, AZ, make an appointment with Aaction Automotive Center. We strive to help our friends and neighbors keep their cars safe, reliable and comfortable to drive. To schedule an appointment for expert auto repair in Kingman reach out to our team at (928) 212-3510 today.

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