What's Leaking From My Car?

What's Leaking From My Car?Cars, trucks and SUVs utilize several different types of fluids to ensure proper operations of their numerous systems. Each system that uses a fluid has their own type of specialized liquid, each performing a specific function. If one of these fluids begins leaking from you car, you're surely going to need a repair. To expedite the repair process you can tell your local auto mechanic what is leaking if you can identify it. Use this guide to automotive fluids to figure out what is leaking!

Coolant Fluid

The fluid that helps to keep your engine cool during operation is poured into the radiator and is usually green, but can also be pink or yellow. A coolant leak puts you at risk of overheating, which can cause major engine damage if not dealt with right away.

Transmission Fluid

A puddle of reddish fluid in your driveway underneath the passenger cabin surely means you have a transmission fluid leak. This fluid ensures smooth and accurate shifting and operating the vehicle at low levels can result in extensive transmission damage.

Differential Fluid

The fluid used in differentials is very similar in look and feel to transmission fluid so the best way to tell the difference is looking where the puddle is forming under your car. If it is the rear of the vehicle it's probably coming from the differential, as the transmission is in the front of the car.

Brake Fluid

Your brake system uses a clear or light brown fluid that has a slimy feel. Leaking brake cylinders, brake master cylinders or other leaks need to be dealt with right away as they can cause the brakes to fail and put you at risk of causing an accident. If you find a brake fluid leak contact your mechanic right away to determine the best route of action.

Oil Leak

Probably the most common vehicle leak is an oil leak. Engine oil is also very easy to identify as it is black or light brown, depending on its age. Engine oil can seep from many places in the engine and the rate of the leak can vary greatly, so having the issue diagnosed right away is important to avoid major engine damage.

Vehicle fluid leaks can end up causing major damage to your car if they aren't dealt with, so as soon as you notice one make an appointment with your favorite auto mechanic. For brake fluid leak, coolant leak, oil leak repair or other fluid leak repair in Kingman visit the friendly team at Aaction Automotive Center. Our professional auto repair technicians can diagnose and fix any issue! Give us a call at (928) 212-3510 and our friendly staff will be happy to schedule your professional auto repair in Kingman!

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