5 Serious Signs of Brake Trouble

5 Serious Signs of Brake TroubleAutomakers work relentlessly to create safer and safer vehicles each year. Regardless of the all the additional safety features that they incorporate into new vehicles nothing beats the brake system. By pressing your foot on the brake pedal can bring a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds and traveling at 60 miles an hour to a complete stop in just a few hundred feet, or less! If you experience any of these signs of brake failure be sure to visit your local auto repair shop right away, before the problem turns into an accident.

Dashboard Indicator

Modern vehicles are equipped with numerous dashboard indicator lights, such as the check engine light, that inform drivers of issues with their car. One of these lights will represent the brake system. It generally reads ABS, which stands for anti-lock braking system. If this light comes on visit your local auto shop right away to have the problem properly diagnosed and repaired.

Spongy Brake Pedal

A common sign of trouble is a soft or spongy brake pedal. This is characterized by the brake pedal being easy to press to the floor or the brake pedal resting closer to the floor than normal. This can happen due to worn out brake pads, air in the brake lines or an even a dangerous brake fluid leak.

Brake Pedal Vibrations

If you apply the brakes and notice a vibration coming from the brake pedal, steering wheel or the car as a whole, it is likely caused by warped rotors. This means that there is not a smooth surface for your brake pads to grab, reducing the amount of friction that can be created to slow your vehicle.

Vehicle Pulling

When you hit the brakes your car should continue to travel straight forward. If it seems as if the vehicle tries to pull left or right there's a solid chance of uneven brake pad wear. While this hinders your ability to properly slow it also causes control issues that could send you into a neighboring lane, resulting in an accident. This problem may also be caused by a stuck wheel cylinder or impurities in the brake fluid.

Grinding or Squealing Noise

More often than not the first sign of brake trouble is a grinding or squealing noise that occurs when you apply the brakes. This will happen because the brake pads have completely worn down and metal is now grinding on metal. The absence of brake pad material greatly reduces your ability to effectively stop, making your car extremely unsafe to drive. If you experience any sort of odd noise while stopping be sure to head to the auto repair shop ASAP.

If you have any problems with your brakes have them serviced right away. The brakes are the number one safety feature of your vehicle and it is up to you to ensure a safe ride for yourself, your passengers and other people on the roadway. If you need brake repair in Kingman, AZ the expert technicians at Aaction Automotive Center are here to help. We service all makes and models at our bumper to bumper auto shop using only the finest replacement parts. To learn more about our services or to make an appointment for quality auto repair in Kingman give us a call at (928) 212-3510 today!

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