Six Amazing Things Modern Cars Can Do

Six Amazing Things Modern Cars Can DoToday's vehicles are incredibly complex machines. Automobiles are no longer a simple tool for getting from A to B, as they offer incredible features that make the journey much more enjoyable, easy and safe. Here are six different things new cars do that are down right fascinating.

Custom Dash Visuals

In older cars the dashboard was a stagnant display that often showed your car's speed, RPMs and fuel level, with little else. Nowadays, modern vehicles offer the ability to customize your car or truck's dashboard to show all sorts of information, from average MPGs to the outside weather temperature.

Self Parking

Using a variety of sensors, signals and cameras, many new cars offer parallel parking assistance. What's really amazing is that this feature is available on many affordable vehicles. It isn't just something for the luxury sedans from across the pond.

Tell You the Best Route

While in car navigation has been around for several years now, it has certainly improved with time. Modern navigation systems offer real time updates to traffic and can implement a quicker route instantaneously, ensuring you get to where you're going as quickly as possible.

Seat to Seat Climate Control

You're hot, but your passenger is cold, what are you going to do? Today's cars offer seat to seat climate control, meaning you can allow for the airflow to different areas of the car to be different temperatures, keeping everyone comfortable on the trip.

Adapt to the Weather

Sudden downpours, a wild snow flurry or other crazy weather can make driving very difficult. New technology, however, is allowing modern vehicles to quickly adapt to changing driving conditions, such as implementing traction control or quickly turning on the wipers at the first hint of rain.

Hazard Assistance

Similar to the technology used for self parking cars, the use of sensors and cameras allows your vehicle to detect possible hazards in the road, such as a stopped car ahead. The vehicle will offer a warning sound should an issue arise or even apply the brakes for you.

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