No Gas? Common Fuel Delivery Problems

No Gas? Common Fuel Delivery ProblemsWhen you turn the key in the ignition does the engine turn over and over without firing? When driving does your car seem to idle at very low, rough RPMs or even stall? These are the types of issues you may encounter if gas is not getting to the engine. While there are other problems that could cause similar symptoms, let's assume that the reason for your troubles at this point are due to a fuel delivery issues. Let's explore.

OK, first of all, is there gas in the tank? Yes? Alright, then we know it is something else that is preventing gas from getting from the tank to the combustion chamber. There are three primary points along the fuel's path where it can get caught up, the fuel pump, the fuel injection ports and the fuel pump.

Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is a small part with a big job. Should the fuel filter become clogged and is not changed it will make it difficult for the fuel to pass through. Additionally, a dirty fuel filter makes it more likely that dirt and other sediment will make it past the filter, which can cause damage to the fuel injection system and/or the engine itself. Changing a fuel filter is a relatively quick and inexpensive service for most cars and trucks.

Malfunctioning Fuel Injection

The fuel injectors spray gas directly into the combustion chamber, and should something disrupt their operation it is obviously going to take a toll on the driveability of the vehicle. There's a few things that can go wrong with this part. One, they too can become gummed up after years of use, which prevents a proper fuel flow. Additionally, the fuel injection system requires a lot of electricity to operate, so an electronic issue, such a failed alternator, could result in poor gas flow.

Broken Fuel Pump

Of course, if the fuel pump itself is not operating as designed getting gas into the engine will be impossible. In most cases a failed fuel pump will completely prevent the vehicle from being able to start.

If you're experiencing hard starting, no starting or a rough idle head to your local auto repair shop for proper diagnostics. When it is time for fuel system repair in Kingman, AZ, head to Aaction Automotive Center. Our ASE certified technicians would be happy to assist with your car's needs. Give us a call at (928) 212-3510 to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Kingman today.

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