Top Auto Electric Issues

Top Auto Electric IssuesYour vehicle relies on electricity for a number of reasons, and we aren't just talking about hybrids or electric vehicles. Internal combustion vehicles utilize electricity to start the engine, run accessories and power lights, among other tasks. So if you experience issues with electrical components of your vehicle, or have trouble getting up and running, it may be due to one of the following common auto electric problems.

Dead Battery

The most common electrical issue is a dead battery. The battery is an electrical reserve that holds the power necessary to get your car running. If you turn the key and nothing happens, chances are the battery has died. While batteries do die over time, just as the ones in your TV remote do, there's a bigger possibility that it was drained due to leaving lights on or a door ajar. If the latter is the case you can jumpstart the vehicle and be back on your way in no time.

Failed Alternator

The alternator is what produces electricity from the motion of the engine. That electrical power is than used to operate numerous systems throughout the vehicle while the engine is running. Excess electricity is stored in the battery to assist with starting. If the alternator fails the battery will quickly be drained of its juice, so if you encounter signs of alternator failure, such as dim or flickering headlights, strange radio operation or difficulty using power accessories like windows, get to the auto shop as soon as possible.

Stuck Relay

Many electrical systems within vehicles use relays that act as on and off switches. If a relay becomes stuck in one position or the other, the device that it is connected to is going to malfunction. This is particularly discouraging if it gets stuck in the on position, as it will drain the damage and likely cause a need to replace the part it is affiliated with.

Blown Fuse

One of the most simple electrical issues to fix is a blown fuse. Fuses help prevent electrical overloads to certain components, meaning they break a circuit if too much electricity is heading toward a particular part that can't handle that much juice. Fuses often protect whole systems, such as all the blinker lights or all the power windows. If you suddenly are unable to utilize an entire system, chances are it's a fuse at fault.

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