What's Leaking From My Car?

What's Leaking From My Car?Did you know that your car uses many different types of fluid to operate? While it is just gasoline that you seem to be spending much of your paycheck on, your car relies on several other liquids to get you safely to and fro. If you ever spot something leaking from your car it is important that you head to a qualified auto repair shop to have the issue checked out and repaired, as low levels of fluids can result in major damage to the system they are designed to be used in. Here are five of the most common types of fluids used in vehicles and how to identify them by their looks.

Engine Oil

The easiest type of leak to spot is an engine oil leak. Oil will generally appear as dark brown or black when it leaks from your car and will often collect directly under the motor. You may also have an oil leak if you notice blue exhaust smoke.


Coolant is used in the cooling system to help regulate the operating temperature of the engine. Most types of coolant are bright green in color, but they may also be pink or yellow. Another common characteristic of coolant, which is sometimes referred to as antifreeze, is that it smells similar to maple syrup.

Brake Fluid

If you spot a clearish-brown liquid collecting near one or more of your tires, do not drive your car. There is a good chance that this is brake fluid, which is necessary to ensure that there is enough pressure to apply the brakes and stop the car. A brake fluid leak will often cause the brake pedal to rest closer to the floor or be easier to push than normal.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission is utilizes its own kind of fluid that acts as a lubricant and provides hydraulic assistance to shift. It is dyed a reddish color to help differentiate it from other types of fluids in the vehicle. Low tranny fluid levels will cause many transmission troubles.

Differential Fluid

Differential fluid looks similar to transmission fluid, so the easiest way to tell the difference is by taking note of where it is leaking from. If it is a leak at the rear of the car, it's likely differential fluid.

Any leaks should be immediately addressed by a professional technician. If you need automotive leak repair in Kingman, AZ, visit the pros at AAction Automotive Center. Our auto repair techs will get your car fixed up in no time. Give us a call at (928) 212-3510 to request superior auto repair in Kingman today.

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