Preventative Maintenance in Kingman, AZ

Preventative Maintenance in Kingman, AZTo ensure that your car or truck has a long and healthy road life it is imperative that you provide it with the necessary preventative maintenance it requires to remain reliable. There are several services that your car needs completed on a regular basis, and at Aaction Automotive Center we can do it all, no matter what you drive. Our certified technicians are highly trained in providing factory scheduled maintenance for all makes and models of cars, whether it is brand new, used, import or domestic, we have your maintenance needs covered. To make an appointment for expert auto maintenance in Kingman give us a call or stop by the shop!

Oil Change in Kingman

One of the most important maintenance services that you can provide your vehicle is routine oil changes. Most cars require this service between every 3,000 and 5,000 miles. To find out how often your car needs an oil change check your owner's manual. Fresh oil ensures proper engine lubrication, and each time you have the service completed it helps restore power and fuel efficiency. This service also allows a technician to inspect the engine, tires and underside of your car, giving them an opportunity to spot potential problems.

30/60/90K Maintenance

When a vehicle is being designed by automotive engineers they take into account the types of future services it will need. These are then outlined in the owner's manual, and when followed, these practices ensure a safe and reliable vehicle. Routine services are often called 30/60/90K maintenance because they are required every 30,000 miles. The services vary for each vehicle but can include belt and hose replacement, transmission service, spark plug replacement, air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, timing belt replacement, safety inspections, battery services and so much more. Our expert technicians can provide your car with these vital services, just as a dealership would.

Fluid Services

Fluid Services in Kingman, AZThe power steering system, cooling system brake system, transmission and differential each use a specialized fluid to operate. It is necessary to drain and replenish these fluids from time to time to ensure they are free of any contaminants that could cause problems in their respective system. We offer fluid flush services for all makes and models and all systems using high quality replacement liquids.

Do not neglect your car of preventative maintenance services that it needs, or you'll likely soon find yourself stuck on the side of the road. When you need professional auto maintenance in Kingman call Aaction Automotive Center at (928) 212-3510 to make an appointment. Our team of technicians conduct dealership style maintenance to so that your car remains safe and reliable to drive.

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